Award Recipients

Congratulations to all of the 2019 Festival Award Recipients! Please follow the links below to view the recipient lists by discipline.



Classical Guitar


Ethnic Dance


Piano - Junior

 Piano - Intermediate 

Piano - Senior and Open

School Orchestra


Strings - Junior

Strings - Intermediate and Senior

Studio Dance

Voice - Musical Theatre

Voice - Junior and Adult

Voice - Senior and Intermediate




Every year, over 100 donors generously contribute to over 400 awards that are distributed throughout each discipline in Festival. These awards are commonly in memory of someone that had a passion for the performing arts as a means of continuing their legacy of support for participants with outstanding performances. Click on the links below to see our local, provincial delegates, and past award recipients. 

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The City of Victoria Medallion is a grand trophy in the form of a silver tray, emblazoned with the Medallion of the City of Victoria. This trophy was donated by the Corporation of the City of Victoria in 1938, and since then, it has been awarded to winners of the Open Piano Solo Classes in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival. These recipients have been deemed by the adjudicators to have played at an outstanding level.

Aimi Howden - 2017 City of Victoria Medallion Winner 

 City of Victoria Medallion Winners Since 1938


Presented to the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival by BC Electric Railway Co. Ltd, in 1930, the Rose Bowl is awarded to an exceptional performer in a Senior Vocal Class.

Kaden Forsberg - 2017 Rose Bowl Winner

 Rose Bowl Recipients Since 1930