The 2019 Syllabus will be available online by the end of September.

Please read it carefully, including the Rules and Procedures as there are significant changes from last year.

Registration opens January 3, 2019. Please refer to the Guide to Repertoire Entry for help in correctly entering your repertoire on the registration form.

The Syllabus is revised each year, so please read the Preamble, Rules & Procedures, as well as the specific Section(s) in which you are registering. Always refer to these when completing the registration form.


January 20 – Studio Dance
January 27 – Classical Guitar, Composition, Piano, Speech, Strings, Voice – Classical and Musical Theatre
February 10 Brass and Percussion, Choral, Ethnic Dance, Fiddle, Woodwinds, School Bands and School Orchestras
February 24 School Dance

The Festival is strongly committed to the philosophy that performing in classes is an opportunity to learn and to pursue excellence, and for students to be a supportive and appreciative audience for each other. In keeping with this philosophy, Placement Certificates are not awarded for classes and marks are not publicly announced. Each participant or group receives a written adjudication and the Adjudicator will make oral remarks to the extent time permits. Each Adjudicator maintains a private record which he or she uses as part of the selection process for Award recipients and Provincial and National representatives, as well as for recommendations to perform at Highlights Concerts.